Training during Coronavirus lockdown

5 Tips on How to Keep Your Edge During Coronavirus Lockdown

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These days, while we are all socially distancing because of the Coronavirus outbreak, we find tips and tricks on how to boost our WFH productivity on every virtual corner. That’s why I would like to talk about something slightly different, something I am not hearing enough of: how to keep your edge during Coronavirus lockdown. TLDR: Just click on the links in the text and find some useful apps and content 🙂  If we don’t pay attention to the state of our minds and bodies, we run the risk of turning into a snack-munching, Netflix-watching, pyjama-sporting piles of blubber and […]

Healthy food

3 Eating Habits For a Healthier Life

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I’ve been meaning to write about food for a while, but kept putting it off because discussing food, in a lot of cases, raises more tension than discussing religion or political views. People have certain beliefs and habits around food which they are reluctant to change even when confronted with completely logical arguments. Eating habits are rooted deep in culture, tradition, upbringing, etc. In my experience, this can only be changed with exposure to new and interesting information. So, I decided to write about food after all, in hopes of impacting at least one person in a positive way. These […]

Morning Walk Blog

5 Benefits of a Morning Walk

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Some time ago, I heard a guest doctor on the amazing Health Theory (I can’t find the exact episode for the life of me) suggest a morning walk for a good night’s sleep. According to the doctor, getting out into the natural light, preferably as soon as you get out of bed, will help wake you up in the morning and put you to sleep in the evening. I started the next day without looking too deep into it (it can’t hurt, right?) and have been doing it religiously for months. In the meantime, I have collected some points from […]