I like to learn and share what I have learned with others. That’s the main point of this blog. I don’t have a strict topic here, but the posts mostly contain tips for the working folk: productivity, technology, work-life balance, work relationships, etc.

I’ve been working as a project manager in IT for most of my career, although I was trained to be an engineer. The funny thing is: I chose my major so that one day I can work with computers instead of humans. I ended up working mostly with humans and my technical knowledge become merely a hindrance to enjoying movies which do not pay enough attention to technical details (you would not believe how many times they use impossible IP addresses in movies!)

My current job is a healthy mix of working with both people and computers, which I enjoy very much. It gives me a lot of inspiration and material for this blog. All in all, everything I write here comes from my lessons learned.

I hope you will find something helpful, dear visitor.

Mostly unrelated to this blog, but still important information about me: I love animals. Love as in petting them, not eating them 🙂


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